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Receiver Hitches in Fort Myers, Florida

In the market for a new hitch? At Custom Hitch & Trailer, our team offers a variety of different products and services for customers in the area. We proudly carry everything from a gooseneck trailer hitch to a rear receiver hitch for vehicle owners in Fort Myers, Florida, and surrounding regions. Meet with us today to browse our inventory and discover your options.

Endless Options for your Tow Hitch Receiver

No matter what type of vehicle you operate, you can count on us to supply you with the right hitch for your needs. At our company, we carry a variety of tow hitch receiver options for all types of rides. We feature appropriate types for nearly any make or model of car or truck on the road today.


When you visit us for your purchase, you will receive personalized service from our team of professionals. We are happy to work with you to choose the right hitch for your specific needs. Our professional technicians are available to walk you through each of your options. With this expert advice, you will be able to make an informed decision for your new tow hitch receiver.


Once you select your new hitch, we perform a full installation while you wait! We feature a full package for all new purchases, and our experienced technicians work quickly to ensure that your installation is performed correctly. 

Our Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Inventory

When you are pulling heavy loads, it is vital that you use the right trailer hitch. Our gooseneck trailer hitch selection includes products that are installed in heavy duty and super duty trucks. From camping trailers to horse trailers, these options are ideal for the largest loads. We are available to perform a variety of services for all purchases of our inventory of hitches.


Contact us to shop our inventory of receiver hitch options. We offer rear and front receiver hitch products for all types of vehicles throughout the area.

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